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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Seemed Totally Normal After the Boston Bombing

In this image released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on April 19, 2013, Dzhokar Tsarnaev, 19-years-old, a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing is seen. (Photo provided by FBI via Getty Images)
Photo: Handout/FBI

We recently learned that the Tsarnaev brothers went out to dinner with a friend just hours after the Boston bombing, and on Tuesday, Dzhokhar’s former University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth roommate testified that he seemed fine in the days after the April 2013 bombing. Andrew Dwinells said that as usual, Dzhokhar spent most of his time sleeping, texting, and using his computer. “He slept a little bit more, but that was it,” Dwinells said. Azamat Tazhayakov is the first of Tsarnaev’s three friends to be tried for allegedly removing items from his dorm room in an attempt to protect him. Tazhayakov may be sentenced to 25 years in prison if convicted, and Tsarnaev will probably face the death penalty when he’s tried this fall.

Tsarnaev Seemed Normal After the Boston Bombing