Extremely Drunk Guy Claims His Father Owns ‘Half of F*cking Manhattan,’ Sober Guy Films It

Here is a video of a confrontation between an extremely drunk, obnoxious young man and the presumably sober, less obnoxious dude who recorded him ranting and waving a Dunkin’ Donuts bag in front of a dry cleaning place. According to Gothamist, the person who originally uploaded it to YouTube said that the incident took place sometime last week, after the star and his friends exited Flatiron party brunch spot Pranna, which still exists. (For the record, Pranna claims to have had nothing to do with this.)

It’s not clear why the videographer began taping the wasted pals, one of whom straight up passes out on the sidewalk a minute and a half in. Upon realizing that he’s being filmed, a member of the crew (who eventually identifies himself as “Gerry [Something]“) stumbles over to repeatedly ask the guy with the camera, “Are you a human being?” He responds by telling them to “get the fuck off [his] property,” and things really go downhill from there.

My dad owns half of fucking Manhattan,” slurs Gerry. “Tell me this is your property and I’ll call the cops. Because you think I don’t own the cops? You think the fucking man who does fucking real estate doesn’t own the cops?” Apparently unconvinced that his new enemy (or anyone in his family) owns the cops, the man encourages Gerry to call them. “Do you want me to call Bill de Blasio on you right now?” Gerry continues. “He’s a fucking liberal but I’ll call him.”

While Gerry seems truly awful, the cameraman does seem to have kept the encounter going for longer than strictly necessary, following the group down the street and egging his dead-eyed subject on. “You wanna take video of me?” Gerry demands toward the end. “Is that what you want to show your kids?” The answer, undoubtedly, is “no,” since the footage features no admirable behavior on anyone’s part. Still, Gerry comes out looking the worst.

Update: It turns out that Gerry’s dad doesn’t own any part of Manhattan, but his passed-out buddy’s family does.

Video: Drunk Guy Says Father Owns Half of NYC