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Washington Weed Hero Got His Job Back, Probably Because His Karma Is Amazing

Photo: KXLY

Mike Boyer, the glorious, tie-dye-wearing first man to buy legalized marijuana in Spokane, Washington, traded the honor for his job after he was recognized on the local news. Despite being totally cool about it — “I’m still the captain! I’m still number one!” he said — his firing crushed a nation. He was almost too chill. But now, because the universe is occasionally fair and just, he has both back.

Newsweek reports:

TrueBlue got ahold of me and offered me my job back,” Mike told Newsweek. “I’ll accept it and we’ll see where it goes from there,” he said. “The reason they said they gave me my job back was because their policy says you cannot be under the influence at work, which I was not, and since I officially had the day off, what I did on my time was my time. And they gave me my job back, and even gave me a day’s worth of pay that I missed.”

Every little thing, as a wise man once said, gonna be all right.

Washington Weed Hero Got His Job Back