50,000 Bees in a Condo Bring Superhero Out of Retirement

Photo: Istockphoto

It was only two weeks ago that NYPD honey god Anthony “Tony Bees” Planakis hung up his bug vacuum. (“I wanted to start working on my own hives,” he said.) But when a Queens building owner discovered a hive of 50,000 in his ceiling, and he googled for help, one man was at the top of the list. DNAinfo reports that Tony Bees gladly came out of retirement to get the job done, with the help of fellow apiarist Larry “Honeybee Helper” Stone, whose work, we’re sure, is great, but whose nickname is far inferior. We just can’t quit you, Tony Bees, and you can’t quit the hive game. Not as long as there are still bees out there, trying to squat in our condos.

50,000 Bees Bring Superhero Out of Retirement