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Abducted Amish Girls Found Safe Despite Culturally Complicated Search

Photo: St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office

The two missing sisters taken from their family’s vegetable stand in upstate New York on Wednesday returned home unharmed last night after escaping their kidnappers. Fannie and Delila Miller, 12 and 6, were taken in a car by two men, still at large, who left them at a house in the nearby town of Richville, St. Lawrence County, and told the girls to wait there. Instead, they went looking for help and were spotted by a man who “immediately recognized” them, despite the fact that the amber alert that was issued featured no pictures of the children.

Photo: New York State

The Daily News reports:

Cops ran into trouble trying to bridge cultural and language barriers with the religious sect. Because the Amish shun modern technology, there were no photographs of the missing girls to distribute. The family speaks Pennsylvania Dutch and does not have a telephone. Police released a sketch of the eldest girl late Thursday, based on conversations with her family. The parents declined to issue a drawing of their youngest daughter.

When I was talking to the father, one of the main points he was making was ‘It’s in God’s hands,” said a local state senator. “We went to a candlelight vigil, prayed for the family and shortly after got good news.”

Abducted Amish Girls Found Safe Sans Photos