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Bedbugs Are Now Causing Delays on the Subway

Photo: Istockphoto

They’re baaaack! Bedbugs, that is, on the N train — and this time, they’re still a huge nuisance.

A conductor on a Coney Island–bound N train requested medical attention at the Dekalb Avenue station after she was bitten by a bedbug on Monday. The woman was taken to Brooklyn Hospital Center, according to the MTA, while the train was taken out of service

This isn’t the bugs’ first appearance on the N line this summer. In fact, three trains were taken out of service earlier this month for treatment, but the critters had already managed to transfer to the 5 and 7 trains. So, now you know: The next time you’re late to work, the bedbugs did it. 

As for getting medical attention, it seems like the added inconvenience is only necessary if you’re having an allergic reaction to the bite. Otherwise, save your time and call a fumigator. 

Bedbugs Are Now Causing Delays on the Subway