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Bedbugs Are Just Using the Subway to Get to More Beds

Photo: Shutterstock

Like human beings, who use the New York City subway system for transportation between two destinations of an unwalkable distance, the bedbugs found on three N-line subway cars earlier this week were just using the train to get around the city. Their destinations included the lockers of MTA employees and the home of one conductor.

Along with fumigating the infested trains, including a fourth train on the N-line, the MTA has sent a bug-sniffing dog to inspect the remaining cars. The most worrying detail about the MTA’s bedbug infestation, though, may be that the conductor who found one of the bloodsucking beasts in her home hasn’t worked an N train in some time. “I could have picked it up on any train,” she told the Daily News.

Bedbugs Just Using Subway to Get to Beds