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Privileged White Man Still Not Convinced White Privilege Is a Thing

A rich white man who believes he is exempt from benefiting from white privilege because he once worked at an ice-cream shop is using the TV show he got because he is a white man to talk about how being white does not afford you special treatment in society. Got that? Yeah, us either.

Following a debate with fellow Fox News host Megyn Kelly about white privilege on Monday, Bill O’Reilly doubled down on his show last night, using a little tactic we like to call “derailing” to explain away white privilege.

How, he argues, can white privilege exist if Asians are more educated and make more money than whites? Why aren’t we talking about Asian privilege? he wonders. 

A solid point. Also, when will men get a chance to voice their opinions on feminism? 

Psst, Bill:


Bill O’Reilly: White Privilege Doesn’t Exist