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Getting Lost in Midtown Led to the ‘Greatest Day’ of Boy’s Life

Feeling down on New York, or just adult life in general? Meet Chris Villavicencio, a New Jersey 9-year-old who might be able to help you regain the sense of wonder that slipped away on an especially crowded rush-hour subway ride several summers ago. According to the New York Daily News, Chris got separated from his parents and little sister while visiting the Central Park Zoo on Saturday. While Chris’s family was freaking out and reporting his disappearance to the cops, the little boy exited the park at East 64th Street and walked through Times Square, eventually winding up at the Port Authority Bus Terminal about two hours after wandering away at the zoo.  

Two Port Authority officers noticed Chris standing alone, and the authorities were able to quickly reconnect him with his worried family. “I tried to find my parents, but I couldn’t,” Chris told the Daily News. But he didn’t mind. “This was the greatest day of my life, because this was the first day I was at the police station!” he explained. It seems safe to say that the NYPD doesn’t hear that one often. 

Boy Had ‘Greatest Day of His Life’ Lost in NYC