Brooklyn Management Company Gives You Head Start on Hipsterdom With a Free Fixie

Photo: DNAinfo/Serena Dai

If you’re moving to Brooklyn — particularly a neighborhood like Williamsburg — you’re going to need a fixed-gear bicycle. It’s part of the law there. If you don’t have one, you can be arrested and thrown in Uncool Person Jail, where the guards wear Crocs and the PA plays dad rock nonstop. And trust me — that is not a place you want to spend a night.

Now, one Brooklyn management company is helping tenants get a head start on their inevitable hipsterfication by giving away free fixies when they sign a lease. DNA Info reports that J Wasser & Co. now hands out one neon-colored bike for each apartment it rents. The upside is: free bike. The downside is: You’re still living in Williamsburg.


Brooklyn Management Company Giving Away Fixies