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CBS Is Being Sued Over a Farting Hippo

The farting hippo in question.

NCIS, a show that sometimes plays on the TVs they have on display at the Union Square Best Buy, has a years-long running gag involving a plush farting hippo named Bert (it’s funny because it’s a hippo, that farts). Now CBS is being sued by the hippo’s original manufacturer, Folkmanis Inc., who allege that CBS paid a Chinese company for farting hippo knockoffs.

According to the Wrap:

According to the lawsuit, Delivery Agent Inc., one of the named defendants, teamed up with another defendant, S.F. Global Sourcing, to contact Shanghai Orlind Toy Co., a company in China. Their alleged mission: procure unlicensed Bert the Farting Hippo toys to sell for CBS.

The mission was allegedly successful, which led to CBS selling the China-produced Bert the Farting Hippo toys, and ending its orders with Folkmanis.

Folkmanis is suing CBS and affiliates for copyright infringement, and is asking for $730,000. The dignity lost after filing a suit about a farting hippo will not be recouped.


CBS Is Being Sued Over NCIS Farting Hippo