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Chris Christie Chews Out a Woman for Suggesting Bruce Springsteen Doesn’t Like Him

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who has seen Bruce Springsteen perform more than 130 times and hugged him one glorious time (after a natural disaster), will put his fingers in his ears and scream la-la-la if you try to tell him his favorite human hates him. At a town hall yesterday, a woman dared to suggest that Springsteen had asked Christie to stop using his music at political events because of ideological differences (as far as we can tell, he has not). Little did she know that the governor and the Boss are on a first-name basis.

No. Never did that. Nah, you’re wrong about that. Bruce has never asked me to do that. I saw Bruce about a week and a half ago. And he had every opportunity to tell me not to. He didn’t and he never has,” a sweaty Christie said. “Bruce has never asked me to do that.”

He also rejected the claim that he’d recently danced with Bon Jovi — it was actually Jamie Foxx. “If you’re going to be cute we should get the story right,” he told the woman.

Nah, listen. I know him, and you’re wrong. I understand you’re now expressing your politics. You’re now expressing your politics and your objection, and that’s fine,” Christie continued. “Don’t put it in Mr. Springsteen’s mouth — put it in yours.”

Did he mention that he saw Bruce about a week ago? “I know Bruce and I spoke to Bruce and you’re wrong,” the governor said. “When I leave, just so we can have this lady be a little calmer, let’s play Bon Jovi on the way out.”

Somewhere, in leather pants, Bruce tugs at his collar uncomfortably.

Chris Christie Loses It Over Bruce Springsteen