Officer ‘Go F*ck Yourself’ Points Giant Rifle at Camera, Tells Ferguson Protesters ‘I’ll F*cking Kill You’

Last night may have been a “turning point” as “tension eases on Ferguson’s streets,” but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a cop pointing a big gun all over the place, cursing at people with their hands up.

I will fucking kill you — get back!” says the very armed officer, in the direction of a camera capturing the entire surreal situation. Asked for his name, the peacekeeper responds, “Go fuck yourself.”

In a subsequent interaction with the same gentleman, a fellow officer attempts to defuse the already out-of-hand situation by gently pointing the man’s rifle away from reporters and demonstrators.

Off-camera, what sounds like the same sweetheart got a little physical with a reporter, according to the Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery:

Either that, or the Go Fuck Yourself family has multiple sons on the force in Missouri.

Update: Officer Go Fuck Yourself, a member of the St. Ann Police Department, “has been relieved of duty and suspended indefinitely.”

Cop On-Camera in Ferguson: I’ll F*cking Kill You