New Jersey Farmers Attempt to Lure Derek Jeter Into Their Creepy Corn Maze by Carving His Face Into It

Photo: Von Thun’s Country Farm Market & Greenhouses/Facebook

Now you can get lost in Derek Jeter’s eyes … like, literally. VonThun Farms in South Brunswick, New Jersey, carved the retiring Yankees’ face into a corn maze, which is slated to open September 20.

Alongside Jeter’s mug is a message that reads, “Thanks Captain Clutch,” which we assume is some kind of sports reference.

According to, the maze also features a pumpkin called “Spookley” who’s stationed to deliver anti-bullying messages to kids. Kids, beware: There is truly nothing spookier than getting trapped in a field of corn by a middle-aged man dressed as a pumpkin talking to you about why cyberbullying is mean and bad.


Farm Makes Corn Maze Out of Derek Jeter’s Face