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New York Times Issues Very Important Correction About the Color of Bird Poop

In a moving love letter to the bicycles in her life, New York Times opinion columnist Jennifer Finney Boylan made two crucial errors. The first was writing a moving love letter to bicycles. The second was inaccurately noting the color of bird poop.

Last night, the Times was forced to append a correction to “My Life in Bicycles,” copping to the fact that Boylan incorrectly stated that eagles and ospreys poop purple. In fact, they poop white. Duh, everyone knows that.

An Op-Ed essay on Monday described bald eagles and ospreys incorrectly. They eat fish, and their poop is white; they do not eat berries and excrete purple feces. (Other birds, like American robins, Eurasian starlings and cedar waxwings, do.)

All the poop that’s fit to print.

New York Times Issues Correction About Bird Poop