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NRA Ad Introduces America to ‘Elitist Hypocrite’ Michael Bloomberg

Earlier this year, Michael Bloomberg laid out his master plan for destroying the NRA, promising to spend $50 million to defeat pro-gun candidates in the midterms. Now the gun-rights organization is firing back with an ad campaign that offers the rest of the country a crash course in the former mayor’s war on things that are delicious, fun, and unhealthy. In the commercial, which will air nationally, a woman driving a red Chevy pickup describes Bloomberg as a “billionaire, elitist hypocrite” who wants to “ban your snack food, your soda, and most of all, your gun.” She concludes by telling him to “Keep your politics in New York, and keep your hands off our guns.”

The accompanying website,, explains that Bloomberg hopes to use his newly formed group Everytown for Gun Safety to “spread misinformation and terrify mothers about guns in order to enact his radical anti-gun agenda. He has dedicated unlimited resources to his efforts. But money doesn’t always win.”

Just in case it does, there’s a link to donate to the NRA. They only have an annual budget of about $300 million, but they’re scrappy.

NRA Ad: Meet ‘Elitist Hypocrite’ Bloomberg