NYPD Informs Tourists They Don’t Need to Tip Times Square Characters

This weekend, the NYPD went on the offensive in its X-Men-esque battle against Times Square’s costumed superheros by unleashing mutant-hunting robots handing out fliers to tourists. Police say they’re working on the information campaign with Times Square Alliance, a group that’s urging the city to require licenses and background checks for the performers. The flier features a shot of Mickey Mouse and Elmo hugging with the message, “Photos with costumed characters are free. Tipping is optional.” That statement doesn’t explain that tipping is only “optional” if you want to be harassed by a beloved fictional character as your child weeps, but the NYPD is prepared to step in if things get out of hand. Tourists are directed to “talk to a police officer or call 911” if they have any complaints. After they share their tale of mascot misconduct, the officer may even be willing to pose for a photo.

NYPD Warns About Tipping Times Square Characters