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The New York Times Is Trying Really Hard to Jinx Our Beautiful Weather

Photo: Jens Karlsson/Getty Images

Everyone knows that the first rule to preserving a streak of beautiful weather is to let it pass by completely unacknowledged. Otherwise, you’re likely to jinx it and end up with some of New York’s good ol’ stinking-humid-trash weather. It’s like how you automatically get sick the second you think, “Wow, I haven’t been sick in a while.” C’mon, haven’t you guys ever suffered from crippling OCD-triggered superstitions before? 

Apparently nobody at the New York Times has, because the Grey Lady is trying real hard to jinx the beautiful temperate weather New York has been blessed with all summer:

Endless strings of pleasant days. Actually cool nights. Sweater weather in the morning. Green grass, not brown.

It is not just your imagination. This has been, if not the Year Without a Summer, the year without an unbearable one, the first in a while.

Now you know who to blame when the temperature suddenly skyrockets to 105 next week.

NYT Tries Hard to Jinx Our Beautiful Weather