A Piece of a Commercial Plane Ended Up in a Long Island Yard, Somehow

The authorities are trying to figure out how a piece of a commercial airplane ended up in Stewart Manor, Long Island, yard earlier this week. Newsday reports that the aforementioned object is a one-foot-by-one-foot metal placard bearing “a diagram and maintenance instructions for an A380 wing landing gear.” (An A380 is capable of carrying up to 500 passengers.) According to a Nassau County police officer, this means that there is now “a plane flying around without a maintenance chart on it.” (A maintenance chart sounds important!) So far, the most obvious-seeming explanation is that the part simply came off of the airplane — though the guy responsible for the discovery doesn’t find that very comforting. “It’s unnerving to have stuff fall from the sky,” explained 52-year-old Lee Ackerman, who found the thing in a bush as he was walking his dog. Stay alert, everyone. 

Piece of Plane Found in Long Island Yard