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Police Frisking Finally Goes Too Far for Matt Drudge

How many people must be frisked, Mr. President? Photo: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images

Matt Drudge has never been known as a crusader against police excesses. But conversions can strike at funny moments. Sometimes things can go so far that even a hardened crime fear-monger like Drudge has finally had enough. And for Drudge, that thing is the humiliation experienced by golfers forced to undergo a patdown by the Secret Service prior to the arrival of President Obama.

The story, reported in the New York Post, leads Drudge’s homepage. The details are chilling:

Regulars at the Vineyard Golf Club in Martha’s Vineyard were gob-smacked when President Obama unexpectedly strolled onto a nearby green and they were immediately frisked. “There was no warning he was coming,” sniffed a guest.

There was security on the way in, but no word as to why they were there.” The member added, “While eating, overlooking the golf course, guests had to stand up and be wanded.” One asked if he could finish his hot soup first, and an Obama security man cracked, ominously, “So, you’re not cooperating?”

Meanwhile, black people in Ferguson, Missouri, are holding protests against the police merely for being executed. Yet daily humiliations like these, where a golfer cannot even finish his soup before undergoing a patdown, happen to people on golf courses every day.

Police Frisking Finally Goes Too Far for Drudge