brunch wars

Bottomless Boozy Brunches Are Ruining New York

One Flatiron resident is fed up with the boozy brunch crowd that stumbles out of Pranna each weekend, a restaurant-bar that “seduces guests with a sexy atmosphere and beautiful surroundings” and also never-ending mimosas.

The YouTube user, who goes by the moniker ProblematicPranna and is the same person who brought us the “half of fucking Manhattan” asshole, has taken to recording and splicing together video of the bad behavior of Pranna’s other drunk attendees. There’s a girl who accidentally flashes her underwear to all of 28th Street, the yuppie wearing highlighter-yellow slacks who gets into a tiff with his friend, and the guy walking around with his pants unbuttoned for no reason. It’s like Welcome Week at NYU all over again!