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Rand Paul Flees in Terror From Mexican Immigrant

Rand Paul was appearing at a fundraiser for Iowa Republican Steve King. (Because we need great Americans like Steve King to raise important questions about President Obama’s true birthplace or speak hard truths about how most immigrants are drug smugglers with cantaloupe-size calves.) Paul, sitting at a table next to King, was just taking a big bite out of a sandwich when one of the attendees, Erika Andiola, tells King that she is a Dreamer. His reaction? Sheer panic:

Here’s the crucial moment when Paul hears Andiola proclaim her Dreamer status. He has already committed himself to the first bite. Then he appears to choke on it, but manages to swallow his food:

At this point Paul shoots his staffer a CODE RED ABORT glance and just up and bolts:

Run, Rand, run!