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Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Want Each Other to Run for President in 2016

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have an odd problem. They’ve both earned the title “rumored 2016 presidential contender” — which politicians love — but to keep it up, they need to find a cute but noncommittal answer they can give every time someone asks if they’re running. They stumbled upon the solution Thursday night during their first joint interview since 2012. After giving Romney a chance to describe the many ways he was right and President Obama was wrong on foreign policy and letting Ryan plug his new book, Megyn Kelly asked the Ryan, “Who do you think would make a better president, you or Governor Romney?” “I’ll give it to him,” said Ryan as the governor chuckled. “He’s very generous, but I had my turn,” said Romney. “It’s his turn now.” It’s sweet that Romney/Ryan thinks his old running mate is the man for the job, but the American people desperately want to draft Romney/Ryan for 2016! Or, you know, Jeb Bush.

Romney, Ryan Want Each Other to Run in 2016