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Second Flight Diverted This Week Due to Fight Over Seat Recline

Photo: Shutterstock

Two people on a Miami to Paris American Airlines flight delighted trend spotters on Wednesday evening by getting into a fight over reclining seats just days after a similar brawl on a United Airlines flight. According to to ABC News, the fight on the Paris-bound flight started when Edmund Alexandre, who is over six feet tall, asked the woman sitting in front of him to stop reclining her seat. An air marshal got involved when Alexandre, who only speaks French, allegedly grabbed the flight attendant’s arm. (His lawyer insists, “He didn’t touch anybody, he didn’t assault anybody, this was a situation where he had a right to complain.”) Alexandre was arrested and removed from the plane in Boston, where he was taken to the hospital because he was going into diabetic shock. Alexandre and the woman managed to get into a fight the old-fashioned way, without the use of the now-infamous Knee Defender.

Second Flight Diverted Due to Seat Recline Fight