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Skeleton Wearing Brooklyn Nets Hat Poses in Prospect Park

Photo: Lauren Wolfe/NBC New York

No, not Kevin Garnett.

A jogger came across a very Brooklyn … art installation (?) behind an iron fence on the south end of Prospect Park yesterday, NBC New York reports, in which a skeleton, dressed in a white tee, sweatpants, and a Nets cap throws up deuces while surrounded by cheesy portraits of flowers and an American flag. (No clue.)

I took a picture of it and then I got a queasy feeling, because it looked so, so real,” said Kate Steciw, who was understandably a little creeped out. “I think there might be human remains involved?” She had a hard time describing the scene to police — “I was trying to explain to them that it was a skeleton standing upright, dressed in clothes with objects arranged around it” — but the authorities do not believe it’s a crime scene. Instagram-baiting is not yet illegal.

Skeleton Wearing Brooklyn Nets Hat Poses in Park