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12-Year-Old Slender Man Stabbing Suspect Ruled Incompetent to Stand Trial

02 Jun 2014, Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA --- Twelve year olds Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier were charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide after they stabbed their friend 19 times. The girls were trying to impress the internet character
Photo: Abe Van Dyke/Corbis

One of the Wisconsin girls who nearly stabbed their friend to death in the hopes of impressing the Slender Man, a creepy online meme, has been ruled incompetent to stand trial. On Friday afternoon, Judge Michael Bohren said that he agreed with Morgan Geyser’s attorneys, who have argued that the 12-year-old is too mentally ill to understand the charges against her or to participate in her own defense.

The judge’s decision came after the testimony of two psychologists who had evaluated Geyser. According to ABC News, Dr. Brooke Lundbohm told the court that, in addition to Slender Man, the girl believes in a host of fictional beings, including unicorns and Harry Potter’s nemesis Voldemort, as well as her ability to do Star Trek’s Vulcan “mind meld.” Lundbohm also said that Geyser “rambled nonsensically” and laughed “almost hysterically” during their conversation. Meanwhile, the second doctor, Kenneth Robbins, testified that Geyser still thinks that she can communicate telepathically with Slender Man, and that talking about him might cause the character to harm her or her family.

Geyser was reportedly seen “fidgeting,” “playing with her hair,” and “smiling” as her co-conspirator, 12-year-old Anissa Weier, was led out of the room. Geyser will be released to Wisconsin’s Department of Health, which will place her in treatment aimed at helping her become competent to stand trial. Weier’s mental health has not yet been evaluated.

Slender Man Suspect Ruled Incompetent for Trial