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Unhinged St. Louis Cop Who Pushed Don Lemon Retires With Full Benefits

St. Louis County police officer Dan Page was recently suspended from work after a completely unhinged video of him ranting about black people, gay people, women, Muslims, President Obama, and various conspiracy theories emerged online. “I’ve killed a lot,” declared Page, who first caught the media’s attention when he pushed CNN anchor Don Lemon during a demonstration in Ferguson. “And if I need to, I’ll kill a whole bunch more.” The St. Louis County Police Department’s internal review of Page was set to begin last week, but MSNBC reports that he decided to avoid further scrutiny by simply retiring.

A police spokesman told MSNBC that Page’s last day was August 25. Despite his alarming behavior, the 35-year veteran of the department is expected to receive his full pension and benefits, because that’s almost always how it works. At least he’s no longer out there “protecting and serving” a public that he violently despises.

St. Louis Cop Who Pushed Don Lemon Retires