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NYC, Beware: Tony Bees, the NYPD Bee Guy, Is Retiring

Photo: Rouf Bhat/AFP/Getty Images

Local legend Anthony Planakis, better known as Tony Bees, the NYPD’s go-to keeper, is leaving us to face the swarms on our own. Planakis has filed for retirement, DNAinfo reports, after two decades of valuable service. “It’s two-fold,” he said of the gig. “You’re keeping the public safe, but you are also looking out for the safety of the honeybees.” The man loves bees.

But the high-pressure rescue life is not forever. “I just kind of got tired,” Tony told DNAinfo. “I wanted to start working on my own hives.”

That hive, he says, is responsible for pollinating his beautiful garden:

It’s the most perfect society,” he explained. “They know what their duties are. There’s no jealousy in the hive. There is no nepotism. They know what they have to do. You don’t see them walking around with iPods or iPhones in their ears.” (Can you imagine?)

Back in May, Tony dealt with his biggest swarm ever, sucking up 12 pounds’ worth, or 30,000 bees, into his vacuum and moving them all upstate. What would the city have done without him? We’re about to find out.

Tony Bees, NYC’s Best Bee Guy, Is Retiring