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Tourist in Jorts Who Scaled Brooklyn Bridge ‘for Fun’ Missed His Flight Back to Russia


Like the conceptual Germans with the white flags, the latest man to climb the Brooklyn Bridge is a thrill-seeking foreigner. But unlike the Berliners, who had a pretty much flawless plan, 24-year-old Yaroslav Kolchin didn’t have much of a purpose, or an exit strategy — according to police, the Russian tourist said he “did it for fun,” and now he’s stuck in jail after the rest of his group went home. Kolchin, it should be noted, did decide to do it in broad daylight on Saturday.

Kolchin was charged with reckless endangerment, criminal trespass, and disorderly conduct, but could not make $5,000 bond in court today. “He wants to resolve this matter and go back home,” said his lawyer, according to the Daily News, which also has a priceless photo of his out-of-towner outfit, complete with New Balances and jean cutoffs. In front of the judge, he wore the shorts, a hoodie, and a look of utter regret.

It’s hard not to feel bad for the guy who’s being made an example of after dozens of NYPD detectives failed to track down the duo that pulled off a much more elaborate stunt last month. “You can hold me accountable and Commissioner Bratton accountable,” Mayor de Blasio said today of the security lapses. “We are in the process of making changes on the way we approach the bridges that are our responsibility.”

This individual should have known better,” the mayor added. In hindsight, he definitely does: The 24-year-old Russian now faces up to a year in jail and probably shouldn’t hold his breath for Putin, who has his hands full lately, to intervene.

Tourist in Jorts Climbed Brooklyn Bridge for Fun