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Two Double-Decker Buses Crashed in Times Square

Photo: jprice141788/Instagram

A busload of tourists hit a second double-decker and jumped the curb near the TKTS booth in Times Square on Tuesday afternoon, injuring at least 14 people, according to the FDNY, which said none of the injuries appeared life-threatening. Both a red Grey Line sightseeing bus and a blue City Sight bus were involved, the New York Times reports, but most of those hurt were pedestrians. A street-light pole also went down, and there was no shortage of camera phones around as emergency responders arrived on the scene.

Update: NBC New York reports that the accident occured at 7th Avenue and West 47th Street.

Thirteen pedestrians were injured, mainly by the falling light pole and from flying debris from the pole and the bus, FDNY officials said in a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

One person on board one of the buses, a tour guide, was also injured when she was thrown forward and her head became lodged in the dashboard, officials said. She’s expected to be OK.

Two Double-Decker Buses Crashed in Times Square