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The U.S. Government Is Still Obsessing About Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Cuba Trip

Photo: Ramon Espinosa/AP

While we lie awake most nights worrying about the state of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s marriage, after it was reported that their controversial April 2013 trip to Cuba was “fully licensed by the United States Treasury Department,” we accepted that they didn’t violate U.S. sanctions. However, it seems the U.S. government has spent the last year and four months ruminating about its brief encounter with America’s royal couple. On Wednesday the Treasury Department’s Office of Inspector General issued a nine-page report confirming that Bey and Jay had a license to visit the country and didn’t abuse it. “Based on our review of available documentation and applicable regulations and guidance, we found no indication that U.S. sanctions were violated, and we concluded that the Office of Foreign Assets Control’s decision not to pursue a formal investigation was reasonable,” the report said. The Treasury Department is looking so crazy right now that it may as well be gyrating around Jay Z in a leotard.

U.S. Still Obsesses Over Beyoncé-Jay Z Cuba Trip