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White House Tech Team Will Be Allowed to Continue Dressing Like Total Slobs

Photo: HBO

The White House has been working hard to recruit engineers who can help repair its ancient web infrastructure, but it hasn’t been easy — after all, what self-important hacker wants to toil away in the West Wing when he or she can make the big bucks building an app that solves a problem nobody has? Thus, the White House has decided to throw in an extra incentive to court potential hires: a dress code exemption!

The Hill reports that the tech team recruited to work in the West Wing won’t have to don the stuffy old suits the rest of the people in the building are forced to wear every day. Instead, Healthcare.gov will be fixed by a brigade of brogrammers wearing short-sleeve button-downs in breathable fabrics.

According to the Hill:

People are putting up with me walking around [the Eisenhower Executive Office Building] and the West Wing just wearing whatever,” Dickerson said in a new White House video.

“I mean, not quite whatever — I’m not wearing a t-shirt,” he said. “I made some slight concessions. I’m wearing actual shirts with buttons and collars, but that’s about where we’re at right now.”

All these computer geniuses and nobody can hack together an acceptable work outfit.

White House Won’t Make Tech Team Wear Suits