9-Year-Old Who Killed Gun Instructor Said Uzi Was ‘Too Much for Her’

The New Jersey child who accidentally shot her gun-range guide with an Uzi last week while on a family vacation out west told her parents “the gun was too much for her and it hurt her shoulder” after firing, according to a police report released today by the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona. The family, who has not been identified, said “it appeared that [the girl] was injured as she was holding her shoulder,” and did not initially realize Charles Vacca, the instructor, had been shot once in the head. “We need a helicopter,” said someone from the range in a 911 call, according to a new transcript. “An ambulance ain’t gonna work.”

Although certain people will seek to use this tragedy for their own partisan purposes and agenda, the family asks all compassionate Americans to pray for their children and the entire Vacca family,” said the family’s lawyer in a statement today. “Please respect both families’ privacy as they seek to deal with this tragic accident.”

9-Year-Old Said Uzi Was ‘Too Much for Her’