Leader of Anti-Gay Group Hates on Jews and Muslims, Too

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Presumably full of faith and goodwill after church on Sunday, the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer took to Twitter today to voice his disapproval of faith-based dietary prohibitions on bacon.

What, exactly, sparked this noble outcry? It seems Fischer dug up an isolated incident of a disgruntled KFC employee, and another of an inmate asking for kosher meals (the horror!):

Fischer, the director of issue analysis for the infamously anti-gay group, somehow managed to nab a philosophy degree from Stanford without realizing that some Christian denominations don’t eat pork, either.

The American Family Association is classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, as detailed on a page featuring Bryan Fischer’s face. The group, whose “spokespersons” are literally all old white dudes, has had one sort-of culturally relevant action in recent years: the One Million Moms project, whose Facebook page has far fewer than 1 million likes. (Okay, fine — it has 68,068.)

Yet somehow, the AFA managed to bring in over $20 million in revenue last year. Go figure. 

Anti-Gay Leader Hates on Jews and Muslims, Too