The Average Out-of-Network ATM Fee Is Now $4.35

An ATM machine on Third Avenue is viewed in New York on May 10, 2013, just one of the many that were used as cyber thieves around the world stole $45 million by hacking into debit card companies, scrapping withdrawal limits and helping themselves from cash machines, US authorities said May 9, 2013. The massive heist unfolded
Photo: Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images

That ever-present feeling of your money just slipping away is not simply you being stingy. According to a new survey, various bank fees are hitting all-time highs, with the average fee topping $4, and the average overdraft charge hitting $32.74. Since these fees vary by location, a word of advice based on the findings: Travel to Phoenix, if you must, with plenty of cash, just in case.

Banks Leech More of Your Money As ATM Fees Climb