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Eric Cantor Forgoes Fox News Gig, Chooses Cushy Job Behind Door No. 2

Photo: Brooks Kraft/Corbis

The tale of former House majority leader Eric Cantor just got a heartwarming ending: After being cruelly rejected by Virginia voters in June, the man once considered the unofficial liaison between the GOP and Wall Street is getting a leg up from his friends in the banking industry. The Wall Street Journal reports that Cantor is joining the investment bank Moelis & Co. as a vice-chairman and board member, effective this week. Founder Ken Moelis said he’s hiring Cantor for his “judgment and experience,” not just his ability to navigate Washington bureaucracy. “I’ve got a lot to learn” said Cantor, who has never worked in investment banking. “I’m very focused on my next step.” He already knows how to drop $200,000 at steakhouses in just 18 months, so he should do just fine.

Cantor Forgoes Fox News, Picks Other Cushy Gig