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Brooklyn Driver Has ‘HAMMAS’ Plates, But Not for Long

Photo: NY1

New York’s Department of Motor Vehicles is in the process of revoking a license plate reading “HAMMAS,” which it says never should have been issued in the first place.

The DMV says the “patently offensive” plate can be read as a message of support for Hamas, the Palestinian political party that’s recognized as a terrorist group by the United States. It was spotted in Bay Ridge, NY1 reports.

(Sure, HAMMAS could’ve been an acronym for something else — “How About More Money and Stuff”? — but it was found on a black Dodge with a Palestinian flag covering the front windshield. Let’s be real.)

More alarming, the plate doesn’t even stop at support for Hamas, which has won the political backing of many Palestinians. In tiny red letters under the yellow plate, the car’s owner spelled out “ALQASSM” — a reference, no doubt, to the group’s military wing, which carries out terror attacks against Israeli civilians.

DMV Revoking Brooklyn Driver’s ‘HAMMAS’ Plates