Fox News Won’t Shut Up About Benghazi

Believe it or not, Fox News is more obsessed with reporting on Benghazi than 9/11 truthers are with the temperature that steel melts.

Even though the terrorist attack on a U.S. compound in the Libyan city of Benghazi occurred over two years ago, Fox News’ evening shows managed to run an average of 13 segments a week about it between September 11, 2012 and May 2, 2014.

Nearly 1,100 segments about Benghazi were aired on Fox News’ evening programs over the 20 months that Media Matters studied.

GOP congress members appeared far more frequently on the segments: 144 Republicans were interviewed, compared to just five Democrats.

Hillary Clinton, then the Secretary of State, was frequently dragged into the fray, with 105 “attempts to link Benghazi to Hillary Clinton’s potential presidential ambitions.”

An alleged Obama administration “cover-up” was invoked 281 times.

Zealous producers on the network’s flagship evening program, Special Report, aired 382 segments on that show alone.

I wrote this as a BENGHAZI acrostic. You’re welcome.


Fox Is Totally Obsessed With Benghazi