Cool iPhone 6 Plus Feature Lets You Bend Phone Just by Sitting

The iPhone 6 Plus has a lot of great new features: For one, it’s like, bigger than all the other iPhones. But by far the coolest feature of a phone people pooped in bags while waiting in line for is that if you sit with it in your pocket, it bends beyond repair.

Macrumors reports that several iPhone 6 Plus users have found that their phones became bent after they sat or bent over with the phones in their pockets. This, of course, is totally understandable, since thinner phones are just more malleable (it’s physics).

If you do not wish to take advantage of this cool new feature, Macrumors says users “may want to remove their iPhones from their pockets before sitting or bending.”

Perhaps someday we will have the technology to create pocketable phones. Someday.


You Can Bend Your iPhone 6 Plus Just by Sitting