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Here Is a Guy Who Put His Head Under a Woman’s Skirt and Then Pushed Her Down Some Stairs

It’s a big day for sexual-assault stories in New York City. In addition to the guys who attacked a woman twice in one hour in Clinton Hill and the one who attempted to rape another woman in Elmhurst, the NYPD is looking for a man who put his head under a woman’s skirt as she climbed a stairway at the DeKalb Avenue subway station on the night of August 8. DNAinfo reports that, “The 32-year-old victim tried to push the suspect away, but he threw her onto the stairs and began punching and kicking her before running away.” The cops say that she suffered some bruises but decided against going to the hospital. Someone got a photo of the 60-ish suspect, who is described as five-foot-eight and about 160 pounds. It’s right there on the left — take a look.

Man Puts Head Under Woman’s Skirt, Pushes Her