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Reverse Psychology Genius Hides Drugs in a Stuffed Lion Wearing an Anti-Drug T-Shirt

Photo: New York State Police

One very clever man decided to hide his drugs where the police will never, ever find them.

The AP reports 22-year-old Gregory Bolongnese was caught near the Canadian border with a toy lion stuffed with weed, cocaine, and LSD. The suspect, a quick study in reverse psychology, attempted to throw the police off his trail by dressing the lion in a D.A.R.E. T-shirt.

Unfortunately for him, the ploy didn’t work: He was arrested in Plattsburgh, New York, on Monday and charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of marijuana.

That D.A.R.E. shirt was … lion.

NY Man Hides Drugs in Anti-Drug Stuffed Animal