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Cops Target Times Square Elmo in 10-Officer Sting, Then Brag About It on Twitter

Photo: NYPD Midtown South

The order from on high that every NYPD precinct not only tweet but be funny about it, or at least try, has already resulted in some good old-fashioned law-enforcement humiliation for one costumed panhandler. The NYPD Midtown South Twitter account put its new social-media strategy into action last night with this photo of a woman in an Elmo costume, head off, handcuffed and on her knees. Hilarious! But only more so when you find out how she got there.

The New York Post reports:

Rosa Sanchez, 36, was busted after 10 plainclothes cops posing as tourists took photos with her Tuesday during a sting, according to law-enforcement sources.

The Elmo was arrested at about 3:30 p.m. after she allegedly became aggressive over a tip she was unhappy with.

Our protectors have been rewarded for their bravery with more than 100 retweets so far.

NYPD Humiliates Arrested Elmo on Twitter