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Man Who Wants to Live Forever on an Ocean Platform by Himself Accuses Twitter of Being Stoned

Photo: CNBC

An enigmatic billionaire who wants to build his own world in the middle of the ocean has made a stunning critique of Twitter’s upper management: Everyone there is just, like, super high all the time.

Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel, who spends a not-insignificant amount of his time thinking about how to live forever and trying to convince kids to drop out of college, had some choice words for Twitter executives on CNBC this morning.

Twitter is hard to evaluate,” he said. “They have a lot of potential. It’s a horribly mismanaged company — probably a lot of pot-smoking going on there. But it’s such a solid franchise, it may even work with all that.”

Thiel couldn’t be reached for further comment, as there are no phones in daydreams about libertarian utopias.


Peter Thiel Accuses Twitter Execs of Being High