Pinterest Accidentally Congratulates Single Women on Getting Married

A woman looks at the internet site on March 13, 2012. Pinterest has become the Web's hottest young website, particularly among women, by giving people virtual bulletin boards that they decorate with pictures showcasing interests in anything from food to sports, fashion or travel.
Photo: Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images

Internet companies like to think they know us better than we know ourselves, and in some cases — like the time Target figured out a girl was pregnant before her father did — it’s true. Mostly, though, they fail miserably. Like the time Pinterest sent emails to a bunch of single women congratulating them on being engaged.

A whole bunch of women are tweeting about an email they received from the manic pixie dream start-up that congratulated them on their impending nuptials. Super thoughtful— except most of them don’t even have significant others.

Some of the users think it’s because they’ve been pinning wedding-related objects like invitations and dresses to their boards…

Others, though, don’t even pin wedding stuff at all:


We’ve reached out to Pinterest asking them what’s up, and will update when we hear back.

Update: Pinterest has provided us with the below statement.

Every week, we email collections of category-specific pins and boards to pinners we hope will be interested in them. Unfortunately, one of these recent emails suggested that pinners were actually getting married, rather than just potentially interested in wedding-related content. We’re sorry we came off like an overbearing mother who is always asking when you’ll find a nice boy or girl.


Pinterest Congratulates Single Women on Marriage