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Brooklyn Teacher Busted for Snapchatting Student Now Accused of Abusing 6 Other Girls

Shaynak. Photo: Sean Shaynak/Facebook

Brooklyn Technical High School teacher Sean Shaynak, arrested last month for sending a nude photo to a 16-year-old, now faces an additional 36-count indictment that alleges years of sexual abuse against students ages 13 to 19. Shaynak, the Daily News reports, is accused, among other horrible things, of performing a sexual act on an 18-year-old without consent, taking a 15-year-old to a nude beach, and bringing another teen to a sex club, while plying the young women with alcohol and good grades.

At the time of his initial arrest, one of Shaynak’s former students tweeted “everyone knew this was coming.”

The 44-year-old father of a 9-year-old daughter has been charged with reckless endangerment, kidnapping, committing a criminal sexual act, and more; he pleaded not guilty in August to dissemination of indecent material to a minor and harassment, NBC New York reports.

Following his arrest for the “full frontal” Snapchat, “We discovered six additional students,” said assistant district attorney Joseph Mancino today in court. “The defendant, clearly from his actions, looked to groom these students.”

There were definitely students who were a little too comfortable with him,” a former female student at Brooklyn Tech told Intelligencer last month, explaining that there had long been rumors among the kids. There was sometimes “too much weird physical contact,” she said.

A search warrant has since allegedly turned up hundreds of photos and videos, along with about 10,000 text messages he exchanged with a 15-year-old. Shaynak’s defense attorney claimed the student “was working on a project with him, which would explain the voluminous text messages.”

It is shocking that a public high school teacher allegedly sexually preyed on vulnerable students,” Brooklyn D.A. Ken Thompson said in a statement. “We will now seek to vindicate the rights of those students.” Shaynak, who had been reassigned away from the exclusive high school, is being held on $1 million bond.

Snapchat Teacher Accused of Abusing 6 Girls