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Suspect Stops in Middle of Police Chase to Pet Cats

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Twenty-one-year-old Florida man Daniel Velapatino led police on an hours-long chase after spending all night doing drugs, stealing thousands of dollars, and crashing a Lexus into a police car. But even though he was in hot pursuit, he still managed to make time for the important things, like petting cats.

ABC 25 news reports that while being pursued, Velapatino convinced a couple to invite him into their home for some water. When Candace Noonan returned with the bottle of water, she found the suspect rolling around on her floor playing with her cats. When she sensed he might be on drugs, she called the police, and Velapatino was finally captured by a police boat after escaping into a nearby canal.

Cats: They’ll get ya every time.

Suspect Stops During Police Chase to Pet Cats