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Teacher Resigns After Telling Students She Wants to Program Robots to Kill Them

Photo: Digital Storm/Shutterstock

A San Diego teacher has resigned after she let her science-fiction fantasies get a liiiiittle out of hand. As in, she told her students that, if she could, she’d program robots to kill them.

Tuyet-Mai Thi Vo received a $92,000 settlement from the Oceanside Unified School District after a 2012 incident in which she reportedly told her class “that if robots were teachers, she would program them to shoot students when they misbehaved.”

The teacher denies that she actually said it, but she decided to resign and take the settlement money anyway. At least now she has plenty of time to read sci-fi thrillers and eagerly await the robot apocalypse.


Teacher Resigns Over Killer-Robot Statement