Teen Petitions School to Let Him Use Embarrassing Cat-Themed Yearbook Photo He Will Regret in 6 Months

Let’s say, hypothetically, you thought it would be a really cool idea to pose for your fourth-grade school portrait with an American Girl Doll. And let’s say, just like, for the sake of the story, you put on your finest lime-green Limited Too turtleneck and dragged Kirsten to school and posed with her and you swear everybody thought you were BALLIN’ but actually they were laughing at you.

This story is completely fictional but it is meant to be a helpful warning message to Draven Rodriguez, a Schenectady High School student who’s lobbying to use this photo as his senior portrait:

It may seem cute and funny and cool now, but imagine explaining it to your future significant other in ten years. It’s not worth it, bro. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything 


Teen Petitions School for Cat Yearbook Photo