Teachout’s Running Mate Tricked Cuomo Into Shaking His Hand

Photo: David McGlynn/Splash News/Corbis

Governor Cuomo must be pretty curious about what happened during opponent Zephyr Teachout’s campaign, since he completely ignored it. Luckily, he’ll soon be able to relive the race, as director Jennifer Dworkin is working on a documentary about his progressive challenger. Dworkin told The Wall Street Journal that she’s been filming Teachout since she lost the Working Families Party nomination in May, and has a new angle on the infamous video of Cuomo pretending he couldn’t see her. Dworkin reveals that Teachout’s running mate, Tim Wu, “managed to shake the governor’s hand when he wasn’t looking.” Ugh, now Cuomo’s going to have to remember what his opponents look like.

Tim Wu Tricked Cuomo Into Shaking His Hand