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The White House Is Protecting Obama’s Coffee Preference Like a State Secret

Probably tea. Photo: Emmanuel Dunand/Getty Images

While ISIS terrorizes parts of the Middle East and Ebola continues to spread, journalists have a much more pressing question on their minds: just what kind of coffee does President Obama drink?

As it turns out: We have no idea! According to a lengthy piece in the Boston Globe, the White House protects information about the First Family’s caffeine consumption like it’s some sort of state secret. And though he’s been spotted ordering and drinking tea several times, it seems Obama isn’t actually that big a fan of coffee.

The Globe discovered that the White House has placed orders with Kona Rainforest Farm in Hawaii, but only for 50 pounds at a time and only as recently as July 2013, so there’s got to be another mysterious supplier. Apparently the Obama White House also doesn’t serve caffeinated coffee after noon, which seems kind of cruel and unusual.

The mystery continues. Maybe Obama’s just trying to hide his love of pumpkin spice lattes?

White House Protects Obama’s Coffee Preference